The beginning of almost certainly everything delicious, flour. There are so many varieties - gluten free, wheat free, organic, conventional, bread flour, soft (pastry) flour, whole wheat, all purpose, it seems to never end! If you are looking for it, we most likely have it. Come in and start a love affair with baking.

We strive to take every reasonable precaution to avoid cross contamination but this is a bulk food establishment so we cannot guarantee foods haven't come into contact with specific allergens. We do offer manufacturers' certified options for many of our bulk products

Bulk Packaged Items Include...

All Purpose Flour (Bleached, Unbleached, Gluten Free Bob's Red Mill brand, Organic)
Arrowroot Starch
Barley Flour
Bread Flour (Stone Ground Whole Wheat, Stone Ground Fife Flour, White Flour, Bread Machine Flours [have Gluten added], Organic and Conventional, Sprouted)
Chick Pea Flour
Garfava Flour (Bob's Red Mill brand)
Kamut Flour (Organic)
Oat Flour (Only Oats brand or Bulk packaged)
Potato Starch & Flour
Quinoa Flour (Organic)
Soft (Pastry) Flour (Stone Ground Whole Wheat, White Flour, Gluten Free Bob's Red Mill brand, Organic and Conventional)
Sorghum Flour
Spelt Flour (Organic or Sprouted)

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