Our gift selection is constantly changing so this is a category in which no list can tell the story. We try to keep our pottery, glass and tableware interesting so they cover a wide range from classic to funky.

Our Old Amsterdam tea pots are made to the highest standards in China (where they invented “china”, after all) and come in a beautiful palette of colours - sunshine yellow, orange, vermillion red, burgundy, sierra rose, plum, sahara beige, royal blue, french blue, vivian  teal, forest green, mojito green, … plus the always-elegant black and white.

We have never-ever-ever found better pouring tea pots than these. Come on in and we’ll demo them for you before you make your choice of which wonderful colour!

And we have mugs and cream-and-sugar sets to match most of our pots... just sayin'..

Some of our usual items are...

The Best Pouring Tea Pots around! Including the original Brown Betty

Cream & Sugars






Coffee/Tea Presses

Butter Bells

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