Your mission, should you choose to accept it, for July

What's your favourite thing - in your house right now - that came from Foodstuffs?

"Whatcha got there?"

Whether it's something you bought from us at the old store... a piece of pottery, a painted milk-bottle, a wicker basket, a tea tin... or something you bought yesterday - post it on our Facebook page!

And share. Most shares this month gets a $35 Foodstuffs gift card.

Seriously. Let's see whatcha got.

I'll get the ball rolling...

I bought this mug at Foodstuffs for my mom for Mother's Day about 15 years ago.

She went to her reward in 2013 but I use this mug at home every day for every cup of tea and think of her.

Now and again a guest in the house will choose this mug - and I hear her voice say quietly "never mind...".

- Marcia

Posted on July 4, 2017 .