Nuts & Seeds

This is one of our most-visited departments – over-flowing with fresh nuts from far-flung places like Spain, Turkey, California, Texas, Georgia, Bolivia, Peru… Organic or conventional, go nuts!

We strive to take every reasonable precaution to avoid cross contamination but this is a bulk food establishment so we cannot guarantee foods haven't come into contact with specific allergens. We do offer manufacturers' certified options for many of our bulk products

Bulk & Packaged Items Include...

Almonds (Organic Spanish Almonds, Ground, Sliced, Slivered, Natural)
Caraway Seeds
Cashews (Raw, Organic Raw, Roasted Not Salted, Roasted & Salted
Hazelnuts (also known as Filberts) (Whole Skinned, Ground)
Mixed Nuts with No Peanuts (Roasted Not Salted, Roasted & Salted)
Peanuts (Organic Roasted Not Salted, Conventional Roasted Not Salted, Roasted & Salted, Raw)
Pine Nuts (European, Chinese) (Refrigerated)
Pistachio's (Roasted & Salted, Raw)
Poppy Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds (European & Chinese, both Organic)
Sesame Seeds (Organic Brown, Organic & Conventional White, Black)
Sunflower Seeds (Organic Raw, Conventional Raw, Roasted Not Salted, Roasted & Salted)
Walnuts (Halves & Pieces, Nuggets, Organic)

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