Rice & Beans

Red Beans & Rice, Pea Soup, Arroz con Pollo, Greek Beans, these are some of our favourite foods that come to mind in this section. We have lots of packaged bulk rice & beans including many different varieties of lentils and a good assortment of organic choices too. Eden makes a vast line of organic tinned beans with no additives like salt or sugar and there's no soaking required! Their can liners are BPA free too. We have some wonderful basmati rices from the USA & India in organic and conventional. Making risotto? We've got arborio rice for that. Rice pudding more your thing? We've got sticky (short) rices in brown or white for that!

So come see what we have and add some legumes or rices to your diet!

We strive to take every reasonable precaution to avoid cross contamination but this is a bulk food establishment so we cannot guarantee foods haven't come into contact with specific allergens. We do offer manufacturers' certified options for many of our bulk products



Bulk Packaged Items

Basmati (US & Indian, Organic & Non)
Kidney Beans (Organic & Non)
Lentils (Organic Brown Lentils, Green Lentils, Du Puy Style Lentils, Beluga Lentils)
Organic Ancient Black Rice
Organic Jade Rice
Peas (Marrowfat, Whole, Green & Yellow Split)
Quinoa & Bamboo Organic Rice Mix
Wild Rice


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