You Asked Us: About the Ear Candling Process

These instructions are for information only. Never try to candle your own ears; it is difficult and unsafe. Have the procedure performed by a professional or someone who has been trained by a professional.

The supplies you may need: bowl of water, scissors, tweezers, towel, pillow and matches. Be sure these basic items are ready to use when you begin.

  1. Have the receiver lay on his or her side, facing you, with a small pillow under the head to make it as level as possible.
  2. Cover the head and shoulder with a towel, leaving the ear uncovered.
  3. Put the pointed tip of the candle into the ear gently so as to not cause pain—the tip of the candle needs to fill just the opening of the ear. Then light the other end of the candle.
  4. Pull gently on the earlobe and again on other parts of the ear while turning the candle slightly to ensure a good fit. There should be no smoke around the ear’s opening. (To secure a proper fit, all that’s needed is a gentle adjustment. Do NOT push the candle farther into the ear.)
  5. As the candle burns down, a crackling, seashell sound will occur, so long as the candle is sealed. The sound usually begins fairly soon after the candle starts to burn. The burning creates a vacuum effect, which allows gentle heat to flow softly into the ear. (Don’t allow the candle to burn more than 1 1/2 inches past the initial point of flame.)
  6. Begin facial massage with a small amount of lotion. Slide the thumb gently and slowly under and over the eye from the nose to the ear being candled.
  7. Be watchful of the burning candle—don’t let the end curl over, and be sure to put the burned end, which you can trim off with scissors, into the bowl of water.
  8. When candle has burned down to 1 1/2 to 2 inches above the ear, remove the candle.
  9. After dousing the flame with water, open the candle and examine the material and earwax accumulated in the bottom.
  10. Repeat with more candles for deeper cleaning.
Posted on August 25, 2015 and filed under You asked us.