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Spring Cleaning products

With Spring officially here, it's time to put a little elbow grease into your cleaning routine. Maybe this is when you clean window frames or base boards but if you're looking to use more natural cleaning products or to make your own, look no further!

We carry Many natural cleaning products from Nature Clean as well as other Ecover, Seventh Generation and more. Most are unscented which is great for those with sensitive skin. 

If you're thinking of making your own products we carry lots of ingredients from natural bleach (hydrogen peroxide) to apple cider vinegar to borax and many essential oils. We also have bottles and containers for your creations! Come in and check us out today and look up recipes for DIY cleaning products in our scrapbook section or by searching.

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One Degree Organic Foods

From British Columbia comes a great new line of products that support farm to table living, traceability of ingredients, organics and farmers! Choose from sprouted flours, cereals, granola, even bread! They are all delicious and good for the environment and farmers! Try some today and taste the difference sprouting makes! 

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Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico

Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico

Providing authentic Southwest tastes since 1981. With a great variety of organic and naturally dried chiles, you can't go wrong. Whether in powder or whole form these chiles can't be beat. Come in for a lesson on heat!

Just as a sample we carry...



Pasilla Negro


and more!

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Feature of the Month November 2016: Schylling Toys

'For over forty years, Schylling Inc. has specialized in timeless toys by creating a unique collection of products that offer variety and a distinctive appeal to consumers of all ages. As an award-winning toy company located in Rowley, MA on the beautiful North Shore of Boston, we work to create the future in toys with captivating new designs and intriguing refreshes of toys from the past. The Company’s outstanding mix of new faces and experienced Company veterans unite in one energetic, fun, and hard-working environment. Here at Schylling, we have the best in sales representation to insure we make a difference. Plus, our in-house Customer Service Department is always ready to go above and beyond to service our customers’ needs. We are proud of our heritage and in offering to consumers, high quality, safe and creative products that serve the toy industry.'

Direct from Schylling. We love their toys and apparently so do you! We sell out of them every year. Come see our amazing selection this season!

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Honey Candles Ltd

here's what the honey candles people have to say about themselves:

"The Honey Candles shop is near Kaslo BC overlooking pristine Kootenay Lake in Southern British Columbia. We are an exceptionally reliable source of beeswax candles... We work to create variety in our lines because we know it makes our customers happy. We have made a commitment to social responsibility and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Here's a snap-shot of what we do:

  • Life Candle Program – We re-melt remnant beeswax into recyclable tins and send the candles to families in need around the world.
  • Reuse boxes wherever possible. Use boxes made with recycled fibre. Ship on reused pallets we reclaim ourselves. Consolidate US shipments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  
  • Select wooden crates that are value added mill-ends made by a local craftsman.  
  • Choose local suppliers for everything from wooden displays to advertising Installed a double-insulated floor to maximize the benefits of in-floor heating.
  • Recycle hot water for pre-heated candle moulds.
  • Use unheated storage where possible.
  • Our shop is designed to maximize the use of snowfall during the winter for insulation. Every 10 inches of snow is equal to 1 inch of insulation. Some winters we have 10 feet of snow stacked on the side. We use an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system to reduce heat loss.
  • Print on both sides of the page (or communicate paperlessly via the net).
  • Turn lights and computers off when not in use.
  • Print on post-consumer recycled paper. Print our catalog on recycled paper.  
  • Community Paper Recycling Program–We placed a recycling bin at our local depot to collect clean, used packing materials and shredded paper to reuse in shipping. This project diverts 14,000 lbs of paper from local landfills per year."

Read more on their website 

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Paqui Tortilla Chips

The paqui people tell it like this:

"It all started with handcrafted tortillas. We spent years fine-tuning our recipes, adding original, mouth-watering flavors and using the best ingredients we could find. We hand roasted jalapeños. We juiced fresh cilantro. And we made what many of our customers said were the freshest, most delicious tortillas they’d ever tasted.

Once we had created the perfect tortilla, we set our sights on making the perfect tortilla chip. So, we consulted the experts who gave us our name. Hundreds of years ago, the Aztecs were cooking corn and stone grinding it to make fresh masa. Today, inspired by those classic techniques, we’re now focusing all of our attention on creating the lightest, crispiest tortilla chips around. Add to that our bold, unique flavors like Grilled Habanero, Very Verde Good and Nacho Cheese Especial, and what did we end up with? A whole lot of really happy people. And that’s one more reason why we call ourselves Paqui [pah-kee], the Aztec word meaning 'to be happy.' " 

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Vegenaise is new this month at Foodstuffs! Come check out these great mayo alternatives and dressings that are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, non gmo, cholesterol free and kosher! Plus as a bonus, they're delicious!  

Goldberg’s words of wisdom: “Our advice is our name. Passion is absolutely at the center of success. And you can’t be passionate about something you don’t care deeply about. I think that’s why Follow Your Heart has had the measure of success that it’s had. Our objective was never to be a megastore, but a gem. Gems don’t have to be big to be really beautiful.”

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