What is a Foodstuffer?

Kim writes:

What is a Foodstuffer? Well, that’s us ladies who work at Foodstuffs. You probably see us at the back, chatting and laughing, sometimes dancing (we love to dance) and singing. We enjoy a good cup of tea and our world-famous morning coffee. Don’t be fooled by our gay ways—we are working back there, packaging all those products you love and sampling where necessary.

Inventing new snacks is something of a perverse pleasure for us, as well. The Prunalmond, for example, is a favourite of ours. It is literally just an almond (or a walnut, yum) stuffed inside a fat prune and eaten in one bite. Delish. Also, we eat an obscene amount of peanut butter on just about everything! Apples, cucumbers, crackers, nuts . . . we might even mix peanut butter with coconut milk and sweet chili sauce (lol). We add it to everything.

We spend a lot of time together, and because of this we can usually read each other’s minds. When someone has a question about a product, usually we chime in with a combined answer, finishing each other’s sentences, or we know just to ask Marcia, the human wikipedia. She’s the glue that holds all of us together when she's not around we miss her dearly. (Marcia writes: awww, thanks Kim)  But hey, at least she’s learned to text even if she hasn’t yet grasped the fine art of emoticons.

So next time you come in and see us sharing some dark secret with each other at the back, say hi! And maybe share some of your quirks with us as well. But not too much, tmi…

Posted on August 25, 2015 and filed under You asked us.