Using Salt

Salts differ quite a bit in their flavour and their behaviour.

In your baking, use fine salt. Coarse salts don’t measure as evenly or exactly as fine salts.

While you’re cooking, season with kosher salt as you go. You can see and feel how much you’re adding, so you’re much less likely to over-salt.

Finish dishes with special and fancy salts. You’ll preserve the wonderful flavour of smoked salt, the satisfying crunch of flaked salt, or the surprising colour of pink salt by adding it once the dish is cooked. Delicate salts can be used during the cooking process as long as the heat isn’t too high.

Grinding won’t change a salt’s flavour, but it will take away the salt’s natural texture. Apply salt that hasn’t been ground in pinches to preserve its unique texture.

from "Salt Traders"

Posted on August 24, 2015 and filed under Helpful Hints.