About that Cup of Coffee…

Although its devotees are rightly concerned about their caffeine intake from coffee, it’s important to be aware that well-steeped tea can easily contain as much caffeine as many coffees.

Recent studies have also found that the anti-oxidant properties of coffee have been under-rated in all the fuss over green and white teas.

Select your coffee with a spirit of adventure… but store it with care. The two-week rule is recommended by many coffee aficionados. If your coffee is pre-ground be sure to re-seal it carefully and double wrap it once opened. Never keep your coffee in the refrigerator and don’t think of the freezer as long-term storage either… They add moisture – which is coffee’s enemy until brew-time.

It was said that the great Voltaire could never have written all his philosophy without his 50 cups a day. When warned that coffee was a “slow poison”, the 80-year-old philosopher replied “I think it must be slow. I’ve been drinking it for 65 years and I’m not dead yet!”

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Posted on August 25, 2015 and filed under Product Information.