A Few Words About Glass Bakeware From the Experts

We love our line of Anchor Hocking "Fire King" glass cake and pie bakeware but they have some things they want us to know:

“Glass bakeware is not without limitations. While it is a healthier alternative to metal bakeware because no hazardous materials leach into your food and cooks often prefer it because it helps retain moisture and cooks more evenly; like all glass, it can break. Anchor Hocking bakeware is safe when its care and use instructions are followed. Regardless of the safety measures taken by Anchor Hocking to strengthen and ensure the quality of its products, misuse can lead to failure of the bakeware.

It has been Anchor Hocking’s experience that the vast majority of failures are due to mishandling or improper care of the product. It is important to note that the misuse often happens over time and the actual failure may occur at a later date. A few examples (but not an exhaustive list) of this type of mishandling are:

  • Scouring or improperly cleaning the bakeware.
  • Causing severe thermal shock by adding liquid to a hot dish, placing a hot dish into dishwater, or placing a hot dish directly on a countertop rather than using pot holders, pad or trivet.
  • Discarding chipped, cracked, or noticeably scratched bakeware products.
  • Hard hits or impacts occuring during usage, washing or storing.
  • Cooking at a higher temperature than 425 degrees F.
  • Using on a stove top, broiler or toaster oven.
  • Placing bakeware on a recently used or still warm stovetop burner.

Properly caring for and using your Anchor Hocking bakeware is a critical step in maintaining its integrity and safety."

Anchor Hocking


Posted on August 31, 2015 and filed under Product Information.