The Secret Lives of Pepper Mills

Almost every household has its pepper-mill, recognized as part of the kitchen’s essential equipment. Sadly, many of these wonderful grinders are stuck in the cupboard.

There really is good reason to liberate them – peppercorns, like other whole spices, retain more of the oils that give them the delicious aromas we love.

Most fun are the ceramic-mechanism grinders with the glass reservoirs (a jar with a screw-thread). They’re safe from corrosion, easily washed and re-assembled and can be used for so much more…

  •        Grind red pepper flakes onto pizza
  •        Liven up rice with a grind of allspice berries
  •        Grind a bit of fennel seed onto apple pie
  •        Grind cinnamon or sesame seeds onto peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  •        Fresh-grind dried mint into plain yogurt
  •        Top off hamburgers with fresh ground mustard seeds
  •        Zest up tomato juice with fresh ground celery seeds
  •        Grind dried minced garlic onto pasta dishes
  •        Top off humble applesauce with a little grind of cardamom seeds

Once you’ve got the hang of it there’s no end to the variety… and no going back to a world without the savour of spices.

Posted on August 25, 2015 and filed under Helpful Hints.