La Terra E Il Cielo Pastas

The LA TERRA E IL CIELO organic farming cooperative was established in 1980, thanks to the brave and pioneering spirit of its founder members, at a time when conventional farming reigned supreme and organic farming represented a virtually unknown niche.

The aim of the founders was to take a new, more sustainable approach to cultivation, in a region, the Marche, where farming is of primary importance, simultaneously rediscovering a more balanced relationship with nature, the environment and, last but not least, with themselves. Initially, being inspired by movements active in other European countries, the Cooperative used organic but also biodynamic methods. We can quite safely say that it was one of the first and is one of the longest lasting organic experiences in Italy.

The rediscovery and relaunch of ancient varieties of cereals and legumes, selected for quality and not solely for quantity, represented and continues to represent one of the lynchpins of the Cooperative’s activity. Nowadays, spelt (triticum dicoccum), which is particularly well-suited to making pasta, Mondo barley for roasting, used in the past as a coffee substitute, millet, the Senatore Cappelli variety of durum wheat, and grass pea (lathyrus sativus), considered in ancient times to be the poor peoples’ legume, represent for LA TERRA E IL CIELO authentic symbols of the Cooperative’s decision to prioritise quality and sustainability. Today the range of products has been expanded with a view to pursuing cultivation, and consequently alimentation, which are as diversified as possible, and boasts a considerable variety of types of pasta, cereals, flours, rice, legumes, extra-virgin olive oil, wines, Arabica coffee from Guatemala, barley coffee, sauces and “passata”, as well as oven-baked products. All the products are characterised by almost completely local and regional traceability, which is something that very few companies in Italy can boast.

In thirty years, the Cooperative has developed into a solid Italian organic reality, without ever losing touch with the values of solidarity, fairness and respect for nature, the values that led to its birth. Today the Cooperative’s pasta and all the other LA TERRA E IL CIELO organic products made from raw materials cultivated in uncontaminated environments without the use of synthetic chemical products and with the correct payment of the member farmers, are among the most appreciated in Italy, Europe and many other countries throughout the world in terms of quality and goodness.

Posted on May 6, 2016 .