Why Don't We Sell More Kinds of Teapots?

We have the best pouring teapots around!

For us the most beautiful thing about a teapot is its functionality. Teapots come in lots of outrageous colours, patterns, shapes and sizes and we'd have more of all of those except... we try before we buy and they just don't pour worth a tarnished penny.

Year after year we offer the Old Amsterdam line of teapots because they come in every size from "single-brew" to "as-big-as-you-can hold-in-on-hand-and-safely-pour". They have finely shaped and perfectly angled spouts. They come in lots of lovely colours and they pour without a drip. We're pleased and proud to offer them to our discerning customers.

Here's a word from the manufacturer:

"Welcome to the Old Amsterdam Porcelain Works!

Teapots rose to prominence in China during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Prior to this era, dried tea was usually crushed into a powder, mixed with salt and boiled into a thick paste – no teapot required. The Ming dynasty witnessed a growing appreciation for whole leaf infusions and the subsequent need for teapots to brew them in. 

We know teapots. Legend has it that the first teapots to reach Europe came via a Dutch trader in Amsterdam during the 1700s. Many famous Dutch paintings from the era depict teapots being used to infuse loose teas and add a stylish touch to the table. The Old Amsterdam Porcelain Works continues the tradition by offering a complete line of tea accessories." Metropolitan Tea Company

Posted on September 6, 2015 and filed under Product Information.