Bagel Bonanza & Stuffed Croissants

One bagel per person, your choice of variety

Cream cheese with sliced salami
Cheery jam with sliced banana
Grated cheddar cheese with sliced tomatoes (lightly grill the cheesy bagel to melt slightly before topping with tomatoes

Layer bottoms of the toasted bagels with filling of your choice, then put lids on bagels and eat while they are warm.


One croissant per person

Cream cheese with strawberry jam
Dark semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely grated
Sliced ham or turkey with cheddar cheese

Warm croissant in oven or under broiler, then cut them in half and spread with filling of your choice. Spread croissant with cream cheese, then top with jam. For chocolate croissant, sprinkle grated chocolate on the bottom half and warm it under the broiler for a minute, then add croissant lid. For ham and cheese croissant, layer a slice of ham on the bottom, sprinkling grated cheese on top. Grill for one minute before adding croissant lid.

Posted on September 8, 2015 and filed under desserts & sweets.