35 years is a millisecond in the march of time but for a small independent specialty & health food shop in a peaceful town in a tumultuous world it’s something to savour.

Our customers, neighbours and friends are all invited to help us celebrate!

We’ve created a 35th Anniversary Scrapbook and we’d love for you to share your favourite Foodstuffs foods, gadgets, recipes and memories.

And thanks…for the memories,


Marcia, Kim, Margaret, Mandy, Robin T, Silvia, Pam,              Angela, Karen, Robin K, Sherry, Chantal and Victoria


6 ways to Help us celebrate

1. Come into the store and give us a high five.

2. Bring a friend with you.

3. Write a review on Google or Facebook

4. Like, comment on, or share any of the posts from this page.

5. Connect with us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) 

6. Send us your best wishes and memories to info@foodstuffs.ca